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January 2016
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Extraordinary Wedding Cakes - with flowers!
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Posted by: Richard @ 5:03 pm

Floral wedding cakes are very popular right now, and I absolutely love the simple clean cut design of the cake with beautiful fresh flowers on top. The WGV International team absolutely LOVES cake!!! We celebrate each of our team members’ birthdays with a special delicious cake to congratulate another year of awesomeness! Awesome right?

We are based off in Southern California, and Extraordinary Desserts is the number one hotspot for gourmet desserts.Extraordinary Desserts offers a collection of extravagant and delicious cakes, pastries and sweets. Many of their desserts are decorated with fresh flowers!!! Imagine having that as your dessert at your next event! Many roses, sun flowers, lily and many other organic edible flowers elegantly sit on top of their signature cakes.

It is the number one destination in San Diego for globally-inspired gourmet desserts. Created by celebrated pastry chef and author Karen Krasne, all are made without exception from the very finest ingredients found anywhere on earth.

Dazzling artistry, sublime tastes and attentive service come together at Extraordinary Desserts to inspire even first-time guests to exclaim that their sweet tooth will never be satisfied anywhere else again. Check out their Yelp page here.

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We strive for 5 stars!
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Posted by: Richard @ 5:51 pm

We are proud to announce our 5 star rating on Wedding Wire! We strive for best customer service with great quality glass vases. Read about our real reviews from different vendors on Wedding Wire!

Read all of our wedding reviews on our
Wholesale Glass Vases International
Storefront at
Wwlogo 83x19

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Our Dallas Showroom is open this week!
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Posted by: Richard @ 5:49 pm

Our Dallas trade show is still ongoing this weekend! We have a huge new selection of glass vases such as the highly anticipated geometric glass vases.

Dallas Showroom:
Dallas Market Center
International Trade Plaza
Room: 1F446
2100 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207

Show Time:
January 20th ~ January 26th, 2016
June 22nd ~ June 28th, 2016

Please come visit us to get show specials and pricing! There you can meet our product specialists, Derick and Oswaldo.

Our show rooms in Dallas and Atlanta are open during trade show times, but our Los Angeles headquarters is located in the Greater Los Angeles area. Come visit us and we will offer the best pricing and products for all your event needs.

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Posted by: Richard @ 4:59 pm

WGV International have permanent showrooms located in varies region of USA: Atlanta, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Most of our products are displayed there. You are very welcome to drop by during the show time to meet our lovely staffs and see our products first hand. Below are some details on each showrooms.

Almost all of the glass vases from WGV International are all manufactured from China. The glass vase production technique originated from Poland. There is no doubt on the quality of polish glass vases and their production techniques. Our factory’s technique of glass making is learnt from Polish master glass makers. The materials that’s put into the mix for the raw material for the glass vase is of very high quality.

Atlanta Showroom:
Americas Mart Bldg 1, 19-C4
250 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303
Building 1, Floor 19, Room C4
Show Time: January 12th ~ January 19th, 2016
July 12th ~ 19th, 2016

Dallas Showroom:
Dallas Market Center
2100 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX 75207
Room: 1F446
Show Time: January 20th ~ January 26th, 2016
June 22nd ~ June 28th, 2016

Los Angeles Showroom:
US California Head Quarter
10675 Hickson St,
Bldg C,
El Monte, CA 91731
Open Time: Monday ~ Friday / 8:30 AM ~ 4:30 PM

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Flower Arranging - Step by Step: How to make a table arrangement
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Posted by: Richard @ 6:06 pm

Everyone loves to receive flowers.
Just follow these tried and true steps that take the mystery out of making beautiful, professional-looking floral creations.

Things you will need:
- Cylinder Glass Vase from WGV International
For this tutorial we used a 5×8″ cylinder glass vase.
- Tape
- Lemon-lime soda
- Bleach
- Sharp floral shears
- Stapler
- Flowers
- Large Leaves
- Water (optional: filtered)

The magic of perfect floral arranging happens before flowers even go into the vase. Start by selecting the right amount of flowers. The trick is to look at the opening of your vase, and then purchase enough blooms to make up four times the surface area of that opening. Many people also are uncertain about how to mix and match colors. The simplest solution is to go monochromatic. Just select three to five flower types in the same color family. Another solution is to choose about two pastel colors.

The ideal water environment for cut flowers has some acid to help move water up the stems, sugar to feed the flowers, and an antibacterial agent. Lemon-lime soda contains both the acid and sugar, while household bleach is a good bacteria killer. Fill a clean vase about three quarters of the way with one part lemon-lime soda and three parts water, and add one teaspoon of bleach per quart of water.

You will notice that most florist-created arrangements do not show the flower stems. Opaque ceramic vases hide the stems, but glass vases do not. Therefore, lining a glass vase with leaves gives the arrangement a professional touch. Use large flat leaves like aspidistra, the common house plant seen in the example. The water in the vase amplifies the leaves like a magnifying glass for a beautiful effect.

To help all the flowers stay in position, create a grid of tape on top of the vase. Pictured in the photo is green floral tape, but regular household tape will also work. The tape that is visible at the rim will be covered later with flowers.

Now, let’s prepare the flowers. Remove any foliage from the stems that will be in the water. Any leaves left on the stems will get soggy and form bacteria.

Using sharp floral shears, cut the stems at a diagonal so there is more surface area for water to travel up the stems. Do not use household scissors, which will crush the stems. (Floral shears are available in most crafts stores.) It’s best to cut the stems under running water or a basin of water to prevent air from going into the stems, as the air will block water absorption.

The actual positioning of the flowers in the vase is what intimidates most beginners, but there is a simple trick that removes a lot of the guesswork. The secret to a professional-looking arrangement is to group the same type of flower together, rather than mixing them up. Assign certain sections on the tape grid for each flower type, and place the flowers within those sections.

Work from one side of the vase to the other, filling in sections of the tape grid as you go. The flowers that are around the perimeter of the vase should be cut shorter to cover the rim, while the middle flowers should be taller. This creates a dome shape in which the stems are not visible.

If you have more aspidistra leaves, fold them in half and staple them to create loops. Then place these curled leaves in the last section of the vase. These leaves grouped together resemble a bow.

The final touch to a professional arrangement is a unifying element that ties it all together – while filling in any empty spaces. In this example, hypericum berries in the same color family punctuate the arrangement in various spots. Even though the flowers have been separated by type, the berries blur the boundaries for a gorgeous, cohesive arrangement. Now you’ve got a beautiful arrangement that looks like it came straight from the florist!

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