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March 2016
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5 People who can help with Wedding Planning
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Posted by: Richard @ 4:10 pm

5 People who can help with Wedding Planning

A wedding is a celebration, a union, a commitment made in front of all your most cherished loved ones. But it can also be pretty stressful. There will be times when you hit a few bumps in the road while planning your big day, so you’re going to need someone to turn to during those times in need. And luckily, there are quite a few people who will totally have your back when you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on or someone to browse wedding inspiration with you. We’ve come up with a list of our top 5 Wedding All-Stars, to help you get down the aisle with a smile on your face.

Your Best Friend

She’s been by your side through thick and thin and she’s not about to back out now. On those days when you just can’t handle another seating arrangement, dress fitting or passive-aggressive email from your mom — call in your bestie for reinforcement. She’ll put things into perspective, and take immediately action, just like she always has.

Your seamstress

You’ve found the perfect gown, and they’re the one to help you feel like a million bucks in it. Painstakingly measuring, cutting, hemming, and sewing, her ultimate commitment is to you looking and feeling absolutely perfect. Who else has such attention to detail?

5 People who can help with Wedding Planning

Your venue coordinator

He or she is the one you call with every last minute major, or minor question. They know the location inside and out and can help you with maps, directions, seating arrangements, questions of temperature, and whether or not you can fit that last minute couple into the room. Think of the wedding coordinator as the concierge of your celebration — contact them with almost any need, and they’ll have you covered.

Your dear mother

Because she’s your mom! She knows you and what you need before you even figure it out. With just one look at her, it’s understood. She’s there to help get you what you need, and also there to tell you when you’re being a little bit too picky. Remember that this day is as important to her as it is to you; this is the woman you can rely on to make the day turn out flawlessly.

Your partner!

You’re marrying this person for a reason: they’re the MVP of your team, your other half, your support system. Through thick and thin, cake tastings, and disastrous (but fun) dance lessons, your partner is there for you and on your side. When the going gets tough, you tackle every challenge together. Live up to your power couple status and give yourselves the highest of fives at the end of the whole wedding planning process — you did this together! After all you guys are getting married :)

5 People who can help with Wedding Planning

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Wedding Floral Plan Guide
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Posted by: Richard @ 2:57 pm

Wedding Floral Plan Guide

Your florist’s goal is to create beautiful arrangements that fit both your wedding vision and your budget. You’ll need to share some important information with your florist to help him or her design the floral arrangements of your dreams. Here’s a list to help you get started.


You can expect to spend about 8% of your total wedding budget on flowers. Be upfront and share your target budget with your florist. Certain flowers may vary in prices so make sure to ask your florist of what is available on your big day.

Wedding Date

Obviously, it’s important to find a florist who is available on your wedding date, but having pinpointed a date for your wedding is also important so your florist can tell you which flowers are in season during that time of year.


Your venue can be a major source of inspiration for your florist. For example, the types of centerpieces that look great in a grand ballroom might be completely different than for a beach venue. If your florist has never worked at your venue before, he or she may want to tour the venue or at least get a floor plan in advance so you can discuss the seating plan and set up.

Guest (and Wedding Party) Count

In order for your florist to figure out how many centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres you’ll need, he or she will have to have a guest count—as well as the number of people in your wedding party. WGV International trumpet vases, cylinder vases, tapered vases, cube vases are all popular vases used by many of our clients.

Wedding Floral Plan Guide

Color Palette

Some couples will provide a florist with a very specific color scheme—using paint chips or photos to describe their dream palette. Others prefer to give their florist a bit more leeway, providing a more general description of colors they like (“pinks and neutrals” or “greens and blues”) and allowing the florist to use his or her creativity to interpret their vision. WGV International glass vases are extremely universal to match all floral arrangements.


What are the three or four words you would use to describe your wedding day? Glamorous and modern? Rustic and relaxed? Using descriptive words (and providing photo examples) will help your florist pinpoint your vision for your wedding day.


What are you and your future spouse going to be wearing? What are your wedding party members wearing? Providing photos and even fabric swatches of everyone’s attire can be a major help for your florist.

Favorite Flowers

Are there flowers that you absolutely love? Your florist isn’t a mind reader, so it’s on you to share any flower varietals that you adore. Also, don’t get upset if a flower you love isn’t available during your wedding season—be flexible and trust your florist to find an alternative that will provide the same look and feel.


Conversely, if there are flowers or colors that you don’t like, share that with your florist as well. While it’s helpful to be as flexible as possible, if there is one particular flower or color you’re not a fan of, let your florist know.

WGV International Website - wholesale glass vases

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WGV International takes on World Floral Expo!
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Posted by: Richard @ 5:56 pm

WGV International takes on World Floral Expo!

World Floral Expo is a 3 day event being held from 9th March to the 11th March 2016 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, United States Of America. The event which attracts flower buyers, growers and other trade partners from over 30 American states. WGV International’s booth has our complete inventory for attendees to order at the show. WGV International booth #642

The show is meant for everybody who is buying and selling floral products with emphasis on fresh cut flowers. So from florists to big retailers and everybody in between, such as importers, wholesalers, wedding planners & other event planners, this trade show is the ideal platform to attend. World Floral expo is a yearly organized trade event for the US floriculture industry not to be missed.

World Floral Expo 2016

On the exhibitors side the prime target group is flower growers from all over the world, but especially from the USA, Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Holland, Mexico, Peru, Italy, Israel and several other flower producing countries. Furthermore companies that are supplying the flower industry with various products and services from breeding, production, packing to transportation, are the second target group where the trade show focuses on.

If you’re at the show, please come visit us at booth #642!

World Floral Expo 2016

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Bachlorette Party Planning Guide
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Posted by: Richard @ 1:59 pm

Bachlorette Party Planning Guide

If you have been given the wonderful opportunity to be a Maid of Honor by your close friend or sister, the bachelorette party is one of your biggest responsibility for the bride-to-be!
The purpose of a bachelorette party is to give the bride-to-be a break from wedding planning and let her cut loose with her closest friends. So, Ms. Maid-of-Honor, are you ready to step up to the plate and plan the perfect party? Use this timeline below to seamlessly pull it off.


Choose a theme.
While most of the details of the bachelorette party should be kept under wraps from the bride-to-be it’s best to get a sense of what kind of soiree she’s looking for before you start planning. Is it a low-key and relaxing day at the spa? A fun night out on the town decked out in sashes and an assortment of testicle-shaped accessories? A wine tasting weekend getaway? A flower arranging workshop followed by a mimosa brunch? Have a brief chat with your friend and see what type of party she would like to have.

Set the guest list.
Get a list of names from your friend. Be sure that everyone on the list is invited to the wedding and that all of the bridesmaids and any future sister-in-laws are included. You’re not required to invite the mother-of-the-bride but if your friend is comfortable with her there and wants her to attend, invite her!

Look at a calendar.
Typically a bachelorette party happens about a month or two before the big-day but if you’re looking to have a destination party be sure to take into account what the weather might be during that time frame and adjust accordingly–no one wants to party it up in Mexico in the middle of hurricane season. Also, if the ladies on the guest list reside in different corners of the world you may want to have something small and brief a day or two before the wedding (this would be the perfect opportunity to have a spa day).


Send save-the-dates.
Shoot an email to the invitees and let them know when the event will be taking place and an estimate of what the cost will be (remember that the bride-to-be does not pay and her portion will be split among the group). If any conflicts arise you’ll have more than enough time to try and alter plans to accommodate people’s budgets and schedules (but keep in mind that it may be impossible to find a day and amount of money that will work for everyone).

Secure airline and hotel accommodations.
If you will be partying afar now is the time for guests to buy their airfare and reserve hotel rooms for the best rates and to ensure availability.


Finalize the details.
Email attendees to confirm the RSVP list and let them know the final cost of the party. If possible, have all the ladies download a money transferring app like Venmo so money can easily be sent to you (this will be especially useful if you need to put down deposits on any group activities).

Make remaining reservations.
Book all the necessary reservations for dinner, cocktails, activities, and entertainment.

Don’t forget transportation.
The night should end with a collection of embarrassing group selfies, not mugshots so be sure you have transportation at the ready throughout the festivities.


Stock up on supplies.
Buy all the necessary accouterments for the big night. This includes the accessories and sashes (if that’s the bride-to-be’s thing) but also any other decor, props, and any items needed for planned games.

Finalize itinerary.
Send a detailed itinerary to all the guests containing meetup time, addresses of all locations you’ll be visiting, and any other pertinent information.

Confirm reservations.
Request that the hotel give you adjoining rooms, ask a for specific table at the restaurant, and be sure to remind everyone you speak with that you will be there with a bachelorette party in case the venues offer any special perks.


Send a group text.
Two reasons to send a group text: One, it will get everyone pumped and excited for the next day; two, everyone will have each other’s number in case people get separated from the group.

Check in with the bride.
Give your friend as many details as you can let on about the upcoming day.

Get some sleep!
You’ll need it!

Bachlorette Party Planning Guide

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