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October 2016
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Halloween Apothecary Jars
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Posted by: Richard @ 2:39 pm

Halloween Apothecary Jars

With only a week or so left until Halloween, we thought we’d dig up another ghoulishly good DIY decorating idea to help make your holiday spooktacular!



    Halloween Apothecary Jars

  1. With a large brush, apply 2-3 coats of craft paint to the entire outer surface of the apothecary jar and lid. Let paint completely dry between coats.
  2. Halloween Apothecary Jars

  3. Then, apply 2 coats of craft paint to the rubber insects; let paint completely dry.
  4. Halloween Apothecary Jars

  5. Using a glue gun, glue the insects to the body and lid and base of the jar. Fill with spooky treats!

From Martha Stewart

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Chocolate Pudding Terrariums
Filed under: General, DIY Ideas
Posted by: Richard @ 3:47 pm

Terrarium Pudding

We found this amazing terrarium inspired dessert that is not only delicious and stunning to look at, but it is extremely kid friendly and would make a great weekend family cooking project.

If this sweet treat doesn’t satisfy your creative needs, you can always try your hand at making a real terrarium!

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  1. Make the pudding: Place the sugar, cocoa powder and corn starch in a pot and mix to combine. Gradually add the milk, stirring to combine. Set to low heat and bring to a boil. Boil for 2 minutes, stirring constantly, until thickened. Remove from the heat, pour into a bowl, add the vanilla extract and stir to combine. Cover the surface with a sheet of plastic wrap and place in the fridge until chilled.
  2. Make the buttercream succulents: Spread some buttercream onto the surface of a flower nail, a tool that you use when piping buttercream roses etc. Place a square of parchment paper on top. Use a variety of piping tips to pipe the succulents of your choice onto the square of buttercream. This recipe used #67, #102, #102, #104, #18 and small, round tips for the cactus details. Slide the square of parchment paper onto a flat tray and transfer to the freezer until the succulents are very firm.
  3. Spoon the chocolate pudding into glasses and top with some crushed oreos. Gently arrange the succulents inside the glass, then fill in the spaces with rock candy. Enjoy!

Original recipe and cooking video can be found courtesy of TasteMade.com
Taste Made - Chocolate Pudding Terrarium!

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